India vs Australia: Tim Paine stops press conference to answer journalist’s phone

Australia captain Tim Paine was interrupted by a phone call.

Australian skipper Tim Paine on Friday showed his cheeky side at the press conference after the end of Day 2 of the 4th Test against India in Sydney. The 30-year-old, while trying to answer a question from a reporter, was interrupted when a phone kept on his table started ringing. Paine was quick to pick up the call and relayed a message to the person who had been called.

Just as the phone rang, the captain asked: "Whose phone is that?" He then went on to answer the call with "Tim Paine speaking". His response prompted the laughter from the room.

But the telephonic conversation did not end there. "Who is it, sorry? Oh okay, who are you after?" Paine asked. He then relayed the message to the room that the person on the other end is "Casey in Hong Kong".

He then went on to chat on the phone: "Oh Martin! Oh alright, he’s in the middle of a press conference, can I get him to call you back? Alright, no worries, I’ll tell him to check his emails. Alright, thanks Casey, cheers," the right-handed batsman said before hanging up the phone.

Paine’s hilarious response saw laughter from everyone inside the room. He then laughed and told "Martin" – "check your emails", before carrying on with the press conference.

Australia had a tough day on the field where they were made to toil by the Indian batsmen who took their total to 622/7 before finally calling off the innings. The Aussie bowlers had to bowl 167.2 overs before they finally came out to bat for the final 10 overs of the day.