India at UNSC: Terrorism emanating from Af-Pak border poses threat to regional peace and security

India has once again condemned terrorism at UNSC meet. Recently it was in the event titled 'Threats of International Peace and Security caused by Terrorist Acts' India opined "Easy access to new and emerging technologies have enabled terrorist groups to exploit current conditions. In South Asia, Haqqani Network and its supporters, especially with support from Pakistani authorities have worked along with prominent terrorist outfits like Al Qaeda, ISIL (K) and Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan." Perpetration of terrorist activities from safe havens in Pakistan has disrupted the peace process in Afghanistan. India demands UNSC's report on ISIL should cover activities of terrorist entities under ISIL and Al Qaeda Sanctions regime. They include Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish-e-Mohammad and frontal organizations that raise funds for their activities. India also participated in UNSC briefing to mark the anniversary of the Minsk II Agreement. The Agreement provides a basis for negotiated and peaceful settlement of the situation in Eastern Ukraine. India believes that peaceful settlement of disputes is an important tool in the maintenance of international peace and security and in the promotion of the rule of law.