India in UK’s COVID travel ban list; 2,59,170 COVID cases; Delhi migrant exodus begins | Top News

Here are the top headlines of the day: 1. India crosses yet another grim milestone of COVID. India reports 2,59,170 new COVID19 cases, 1,761 deaths and 1,54,761 discharges in the last 24 hours. Highest ever single death toll since pandemic. 2. 24 hours into lockdown and despite Kejriwal’s appeal migrant exodus begins, opposition slams failure to handle COVID situation. 3. In Kerala, Congress backs curbs on Thrissur Pooram, but in Punjab they allow farmer rally. Congress’ hypocrisy on COVID exposed. 4. Telangana High Court comes down on KCR government over COVID mismanagement, set 48 hour deadline and ask state government to mull lockdown. 5. Now Devendra Fadnavis’ kin is under the lens for the vaccine row. His kin shared an image of himself getting vaccinated and later deleted it. Since he was not under the eligible age group, he got vaccinated for the second allegedly. 6. India has been added to United Kingdom COVID red list. All arrivals from India to United Kingdom will be banned. But if a British national is travelling to United Kingdom and they are in India currently, they will be allowed to travel. The individual is said to quarantine themselves in a government approved hotel for 10 days.