India-U.S 2+2 meet to take place today; focus on China and cross border terrorism

A week before the U.S presidential elections, a 2+2 crucial meet is being held in India. Two senior-most members of the Trump administration have reached New Delhi for this 2+2 meeting. These include U.S state secretary Mike Pompeo and U.S Defence Secretary Mike Esper. According to the sources, military level agreements are to be signed during this 2+2 meet that will take place today.

Times Now's Srinjoy Chowdhury reveals further details and what can be expected. Srinjoy Chowdhury states that the BECA has been signed, that is the Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement. The matter is part of the defence ministry. Mike Pompeo has made it very clear that the cross border terrorism is not accepted and the two nations will now discuss China as well.