Is India in Stage 3 of Coronavirus Pandemic? Is COVID-19 Airborne? When Will Coronavirus End in India And Other FAQs Trending on Google

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New Delhi, March 31: Netizens are intrigued to know about the status of coronavirus outbreak in India, the country with world's second highest population. Only behind China in terms of the human populace, India faces a higher risk as the population density is even higher than the former. In other words, India's urban pockets are more densely utilised as compared to China. The socio-economic conditions in place raises fear of whether India is staring at a crisis worse than what its eastern neighbour suffered. Catch all the live updates related to coronavirus outbreak in India and other parts of the world.

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The top queries of the week, as sighted on Google Trends, ranged from questions related to the span of coronavirus outbreak in India to whether the disease is airborne. The FAQs also included how many have died due to coronavirus in India and the number of cases which have been recorded across the world. Here are the top five questions answered.

When Will Coronavirus End in India?

The span of coronavirus outbreak in India cannot be predicted so far. The Indian government has kept an optimistic target of bringing the pandemic under control by April 15 -- when the current lockdown is scheduled to end. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his virtual address to the people of Varanasi last week, said the battle of "Mahabharata was won in 18 days and the nation will try to win the war against coronavirus in 21 days".

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According to the Health Ministry, if Indians adhere to the lockdown call and prevent the pandemic from entering into "stage 3" or community spread stage, then the disease would soon be isolated and eliminated. However, veteran Indian-origin doctor in United Kingdom's National Health Service (NHS) - Dr Neeraj Patil - said India has only witnessed the nascent effects of coronavirus so far and the disease may peak in the nation in June-July.

Is India in 'Stage 3' of Coronavirus?

India is currently in "stage 2" or local transmission stage of the coronavirus pandemic. The cases recorded so far are either of those who returned from abroad or came in contact of the foreign returnees. The disease would transcend into "stage 3" or community outbreak stage only if significant cases are recorded where the victims share no recent travel history nor came into contact with foreign returnees. The Health Ministry, in its press briefing on Monday, confirmed that India has not slipped into the third stage of pandemic.

Is Coronavirus Airborne?

The World Health Organisation (WHO), in its guidelines issued on Friday, clarified that the coronavirus has so far spread only through physical interaction and through "respiratory droplets" - from coughs and sneezes - and other contact routes. There is not much evidence so far to suggest that the virus lingers in the air and can affect others through aerial transmission.

How Many Deaths Due to Coronavirus?

The death toll due to coronavirus stands at 42 in India, whereas, globally the toll crossed the 38,500-mark by the time this report was published. The fatality-count keeps changing at every few minutes. Check the realtime updates on coronavirus cases through COVID-19 Map on LatestLY.

How Many Cases of Coronavirus in The World?

Globally, the pandemic has affected more than 796,000 persons. Out of them, as mentioned earlier, 38,576 have been confirmed as dead. The numbers keep rising at hourly basis. The worst-affected Italy has recorded more than 11,000 deaths, followed by over 7,000 in Italy, around 2,700 in Iran and above 3,000 in the United States and China.

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