India is a safe haven for persecuted minorities

Vikash Aiyappa

New Delhi, Dec 14: The amended Citizenship Act is an internal matter of India, Maldives' Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed said, noting that the country has always been a safe haven for persecuted minorities.

The former president of Maldives, who is leading a parliamentary delegation to India, raised three key issues plaguing the island nation - the Islamic State, debt trap of China and climate change.

Responding to a question on Maldives' stand on the amended Citizenship Act, Nasheed said it is India's internal matter.

US concerned about implications of Citizenship (Amendment) Bill in India

"I have complete trust in Indian democracy and whatever comes out from the process would be what majority of people from India want. It is India's internal matter. India is one of the safe haven for persecuted minority communities," he said.

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