Cong Govt Did Not Fulfil Duties, Blamed States: PM Modi in Gujarat

On the second day of his Gujarat tour, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday accused the previous Congress government at the Centre of not fulfilling its duties and instead blaming the states for it.

Addressing a public meeting in Silvasa, he said while it is the duty of the Centre to give out land rights to the tribals, the previous Congress government always blamed states for it.

"Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh saw best progress in land rights to tribals. But the government of India and Congress leaders used to instigate the tribals that the Modi government (when he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat) was not giving land rights to tribals," he told the gathering.

Earlier in the day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the 400-crore Kiran Super-specialty Hospital, Modi on Monday urged all citizens to serve the nation with their hard work and said that India cannot be run by the government without the support of its people.

“Our nation was neither built, nor can it be run by governments, kings and politicians, but only by the service and hard work of its people,” Modi said while addressing a public meeting here in Gujarat.

The Prime Minister also said that India always had a culture of service which started fading away after Independence.

Since Independence, people wanted the government to do everything. But that has never been the nature of our nation... Our nation has been built on the sentiment of our collective social responsibility.

Modi spoke of affordable healthcare for all and that there needs to be a focus on preventive healthcare as well.

He said that after assuming office, mechanisms were adopted to slash prices of medicines “even if that meant pharma companies are unhappy with us”.

(With inputs from IANS.)

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