India reports over 4,00,000 fresh Covid cases in the last 24 hours; 3,500 deaths reported

India is currently facing one of the most troubling time periods, the month of April brought forward several key challenges in terms of the COVID virus. The total tally of COVID cases has reached to 4 lakh COVID cases in a day which is the highest number in any country across the globe. The situation is not going to be any better in the first week of May, as explained by the experts. More than 3,500 deaths were reported in the country. Experts also explain that India could witness a massive surge in COVID cases between May 3-May 5. The numbers are only going to rise. India has crossed the global record. When India reaches the peak, it can become a scary situation on ground. As India begins the vaccination for all drive, vaccines are not available in certain states. Watch the video to know more!