How India quietly planned a successful vaccination programme #TheBottomLine

On The Bottom Line, The massive battle for COVID has been a tough journey for all, not only the government of India but the people of the country too. The COVID vaccination drive began on January 16, it is then when the nation gathered the courage to fight the global pandemic. The country has delivered vaccines to people from all social backgrounds. It is indeed a remarkable journey for the country. In less than a month, India has become the fastest country to vaccinate 60 lakh people. It took 24 days, on the other hand, United States took 26 days to vaccinate the same number of people. For the United Kingdom, it took 46 days to reach this mark. Out of 60 lakh, 54 lakh people comprised of healthcare workers, on the other hand, 6 lakh were the frontline workers who worked tirelessly amidst the COVID pandemic. Fastest country in the world to reach the 60 lakh vaccination mark. How India quietly planned a successful vaccination programme. Watch Now. #TheBottomLine