India’s Prodigies: 5 kids who've redefined intelligence for the world

Consistency pays off, not just in Balance Sheets but also in efforts. Through sheer perseverance and confidence 18-year-old Ramkumar Raman became the youngest Chartered Accountant in the world. Keeping to a strict routine to the extent of eating the same curry and wearing the same dress for every exam, the diligent student cleared all 14 papers of the course in the very first attempt.

After studying for the CA examinations for 3 years, Chennai born Raman cracked the almost impossible code of success in these exams. Having studied and passed his exams in Dubai, he now wants to pursue an MBA in the USA to become an investment banker.

He managed his school, others studies and CA simultaneously, which definitely isn’t a wonder, with him coming from a family full of Chartered Accountants.

Having said all this, Raman is far from being the 1st prodigy India has seen in recent times. Here are a few children who took people’s breath away, with their intelligence:

1. Shorya Mahanot

You must have heard of India’s ‘Child Picasso’. Shorya Mahanot is the youngest genius painter from Madhya Pradesh. Aged 7, he has been painting since the last 3 years. Known for his mind-boggling abstract paintings, the little one is making waves on many art platforms and was also accepted as disciple by the great cartoonist, RK Laxman.

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2. Akrit Jaswal

A little girl burnt her hands and two of her fingers got stuck together. Her family did not have the money to go to the hospital so they went to Akrit Jaswal, the young doctor. Akrit successfully operated her and set her fingers right and India had a 7-year-old surgeon!

After this there was no turning back for the Akrit. Hailing from Punjab he went on to feature on the great media mogul Oprah Winfrey’s show and is also working towards finding a cure for Cancer. Now, 22-year-old Akrit is gaining a Bachelor’s degree in Zoology, Botany and Chemistry and wants to pursue his studies at Harvard University.

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3. Priyanshi Somani

She is one of the fastest mental calculators in the world. Priyanshi can perform complex mental calculations and give out results faster than a calculator. Priyanshi began doing mental maths at the age of 6 and won the prestigious Mental Calculation World Cup 2010 and also etched her name in Limca Book of World Record and Guinness Book of World records for her incredible feats in mathematical calculation. Hailing from Gujarat, and now 16 years, she works as a research assistant at Stanford University.

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4. Kautilya Pandit

Called the ‘Google Boy’ of India and rightly so, this wonder kid can give you exhaustive details about 213 countries, their geography, per capita income, their economic status etc. Now aged 7, he is studying Class 3 in Haryana and has met veteran actor Amitabh Bachchan on Kaun Banega Crorepati in 2013, who was also moved by the kid’s memory power.

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5. Ajay Puri

Ajay is the youngest web designer in the world, having created his first website at the age of 4! Ajay, from Hyderabad, has appeared on many major TV channels and newspapers and has met the who and who of Bollywood, Politics and Business, thanks to his talent. Born in 1996, Ajay has come a long way and designs web pages for the biggest corporations and services in the world.

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Each one of them has made us proud as Indians and Ramkumar Raman has added his name to this already enviable list!

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