India, Norway Among Countries Starting Term as Non-Permanent Members of UNSC in 2021; Check Full List of Members & Know How Countries are Elected to the Council

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New Delhi, January 7: India joined the United Nation Security Council on January 1 as a non permanent member. Along with India, Norway, Ireland, Kenya and Mexico also started their term at UNSC as non-permanent members. The tenure is for a duration of 2 years, after which fresh elections will be held at the UN General Assembly to elect the new 'non-permanent' members. India Elected Non-Permanent Member of UNSC: List of 5 Countries That Are Permanent Members of UN Security Council.

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This marks India's eight term in the security council. It won the elections in June 2020 after securing 184 out of total 192 votes cast. India was the only candidate for the vacancy from the Asia Pacific. Its candidature for the seat was endorsed unanimously by the Asia Pacific group. The nation's last tenure at the international council ended in 2012. Indian Tricolour Installed at UNSC, Country Assumes Non-Permanent Membership for 8th Time.

The UN Charter guides the membership at the security council. As per the Article 23 of the Charter, "The Security Council shall consist of fifteen Members of the United Nations." Out of these, five nations are the permanent members of the UNSC. These are China, France, Russian Federation, the United States, and the United Kingdom .

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Remaining ten members are elected in the UN general assembly on 'non-permanent' basis for a period of two years. These ten spots are distributed among the regions of the world: five seats for African and Asian countries; one for Eastern European countries; two for Latin American and Caribbean countries; and two for Western European and Other Countries.

Out of the five seats for Africa and Asia, three are for Africa and two for Asia. There is also an informal understanding between the two groups to reserve one seat for an Arab country. The Africa and Asia Pacific group takes turns every two years to put up an Arab candidate.

Elections for terms beginning in even-numbered years select two African members, and one each within Eastern Europe, the Asia Pacific, and Latin America and the Caribbean. Terms beginning in odd-numbered years consist of two Western European and Other members, and one each from Asia Pacific, Africa, and Latin America and the Caribbean.

In accordance with rule 92 of the rules of procedure, the election is held by secret ballot and there are no nominations. The non-permanent members of the Security Council are elected by a two-thirds majority. All the 193 member nations of the UN vote for the same.


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