India been largest contributor to UN Peacekeeping: EAM Jaishankar

New Delhi, Apr 22 (ANI): Union External Affairs Minister Dr S Jaishankar addressed ICWA-USI International Gallipoli virtual seminar. He said, “It's worth recalling that Indian soldiers during World War were motivated neither by conquests nor requisition. Their driving force was military ethics, honour and dignity of a professional soldier. This shaped their self-perception and behaviour abroad, building an image of discipline and responsibilities, standards with which Indian military is associated at home and abroad. It's particularly relevant to an India that's now poised to enter a different phase of its evolution.” He further said, “The exemplary demeanour of Indian soldiers in World War I, on or off the battlefield, has set us on the long road to peacekeeping. With 50 Missions 253,000 soldiers, in addition to Police personnel, India has been the largest contributor to UN Peacekeeping.”