India junior women's hockey team receives warm welcome on flight after winning Tri-Nation series

The India junior women's hockey team, which recently won the Tri-Nation Series against Australia and New Zealand, received a warm welcome on their flight from Melbourne to Delhi.

On the way home, the team was flying Air India that is when the captain of the aircraft gave the champions a warm welcome by announcing their presence on board and congratulating them. Later, all the passengers on board clapped and cheered, when one of the players walked across the aisle on the flight with the trophy.

The captain of the flight said, "Congratulations to the team and it is a pleasure to have you on board with us."

The video has now gone viral on social media. The Indian team had lost 1-2 to hosts Australia in their fourth and final match of the competition on December 8. In its third match, the Indian team had defeated New Zealand.