India inches closer to Mehul Choksi Case; CM Mamata Vs PM Modi meeting row | Top News

Here are the top headlines of the day: 1. India inches closer to bringing back fugitive Mehul Choksi, he has been put under 5 day quarantine, can’t leave Dominica. Next court hearing is said to take place on June 2nd. 2. Centre places West Bengal Chief Minister and its Chief Secretary at disposal, Trinamool Congress cries vendetta, links transfer to Prime Minister Modi-Chief Minister Mamata meet row. 3. No fear or law in Rajasthan? Dr. Kapil Shaw shot dead in broad daylight. Shocking visuals caught on camera. 4. India salutes our braves, Late Major Vibhuti Shankar’s wife dawns the uniform, brave heart’s legacy lives on. A big message to Pulwama plotters.