India Faces World's Worst COVID-19 Outbreak, Says US Senator Menendez

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Observing that India is facing the world's worst outbreak of Covid-19, a top American Senator here applauded US President Joe Biden for his recent decision to provide supplies and resources to hardest-hit countries. "I am worried and horrified by the continued advancement of Covid-19 around the world. With India's current wave representing the world's worst outbreak, there continues to be a moral imperative to US leadership in the global arena right now," Senator Robert Menendez, chairman of the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said on Wednesday.

"As we join the thousands of families mourning the loss of loved ones to this deadly surge in India, let us continue to stand in full support and solidarity with the brave healthcare providers, workers, and citizens here and the world over working on the frontlines against the coronavirus," he added.

Representing the state of New Jersey in the United States Senate, Menendez said that he is deeply proud of the Indian-American community and other Americans who have stepped up private efforts to provide much-needed supplies and funding to India.

The United States has a leading role to play in supporting equitable vaccine access for all countries, and it is time that the US stepped up, he said. The Biden administration made the right decision to expeditiously send raw vaccine materials, oxygen supplies, test kits, and other necessary resources to India, and to fund the expansion of their vaccine manufacturing capacity, Menendez said.

"As we continue to make major progress in our fight against Covid-19 in the US, I urge the administration to keep ramping up the provision of supplies and resources to countries hard hit by the pandemic," he said. "Conditions in India clearly warrant a response; India and the Indian people supported the United States during the early days of the pandemic here, and we must do the same as they face this unprecedented wave," Menendez added.

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