India demands accountability on O2 shortage; IT Minister to make a statement on Pegasus | Top News

1. Pegasus Row likely to rock the monsoon session again, IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnav to make a statement on the alleged snooping controversy. 2. Amid ongoing showdown over spyware Pegasus, NSO says spyware has been abused in India. 3. 24 hours after the oxygen outrage, the people of India have been asking tough questions. If the records say that no oxygen deaths happened, then did the ‘cover up’? According to reports, shortage of oxygen is still claiming lives in India. 4. People allegedly suffocated today after being denied access to medical oxygen. As per the available data, deaths due to oxygen shortage from March to July 2021 wreaked families. 5. Farmer Protest at Jantar Mantar: Delhi Police have intensified security at Delhi's Jantar Mantar by placing barricades and heavy deployment of security forces ahead of farmers' protests against the Centre's three new three farms laws.

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