India’s COVID cases cross 1 crore mark: Doctors show concerns

New Delhi, Dec 19 (ANI): Senior Consultant Paediatrics and Director at Malik Radix Dr. Ravi Malik reacted on India COVID-19 cases crossed 1 crore mark. He said that the reason behind country has crossed 1 crore mark in COVID cases is it has enormous population and he urged countrymen should continue taking precautions like social distancing and proper sanitization. “1 crore people have been infected and probably much more are their under this iceberg, because these 1 crore people are those who tested positive for COVID, lot many patients must have not got their test done or they would have gone asymptomatic,” he said. Max Multi Speciality Centre (Noida) Senior Director Dr M Kumar also showed his concerns over the 1 crore mark but he also said that the pandemic is syncing but the fatality rate is low in the country. “Overall there are good signs and it seems that the pandemic is reversibly coming under control,” he said.