India is a country very ashamed of sexuality, physicality or human body, says Radhika Apte

Radhika Apte has always shown the guts to take up unconventional and bold characters despite getting into controversies. The Kabali heroine always takes firm stands and is not afraid to voice out her opinions. The actress will be soon seen in the film ‘Padman’, that narrates the true story of a man’s journey and hard work to make affordable sanitary napkins for women. 

Radhika was recently the talk of the town when she acted semi-nude in an intimate scene with Adil Hussain for the Anurag Kashyap directorial ‘Parched’.The 31 year old actress, in an interview with IANS said  “I think our country is very ashamed of sexuality, physicality, or human body. Anything to do with human body or sexuality is a problem here.” 

She also revealed her observations regarding menstruation and menstrual related issues that are considered as a taboo in India. Talking about her film Padman that address menstrual issues in India, she said “I am very happy that something like this is being handled at such a big level in Bollywood.All I can I say is that as you know it is about a pad man and has a sanitary napkin on the poster. So there is a lot of scope for imagination.”

Article : Lakshmi.C

Image Credits : Instagram