India-China parallel rise in contemporary era is 'unique happening in human history': EAM

External Affairs Minister (EAM) S Jaishankar at the 13th All India Conference of China Studies said that India-China's parallel rise in the contemporary era is a 'unique happening in the human history'. "The two nations have some similarities, especially of size and history but there is also very interesting contrast in many ways culturally, politically or economically. Both are in the process of building a modern nation-state from a civilized society. And their parallel rise in the contemporary era albeit at different pace and intensity is a unique happening in the human history," said EAM. He further added, "For all the differences and disagreements that we may have had on boundary, central fact was that border areas still remain fundamentally peaceful. Last loss of life at India-China border before 2020 was as far back as 1975. That is why the events in Eastern Ladakh last year have so profoundly disturbed the relationship because they not only signalled a disregard for commitments about minimising troop levels but also showed a willingness to breach peace and tranquillity."