India beefs up security ahead of Republic Day celebrations

Mumbai/ New Delhi, Jan 26 (ANI): Security measures across India were beefed up ahead of the country’s Republic Day celebrations, to thwart any untoward incident. Police conducted security checks in Mumbai. Security agencies stationed Indian paramilitary troops along with local police at every corner of the country to keep a tight vigil and conduct regular patrols around various cities, and frisk vehicles as the country geared up for the 72nd celebrations on January 26. Hundreds of security personnel have been deployed near India Gate war memorial and Raj Path in the national capital, a ceremonial boulevard leading to Presidential Palace in New Delhi, ahead of the annual parade which showcases India's military might and culture. Stretching from the president’s palace to the war memorial of India Gate, the parade showcases the Indian Army's valour, military strength, tanks, fighter jets, and colourful trails of tableaux from all Indian provinces.