India backs France after Pak PM Imran Khan's attack; Tajinder Pal shares tweet

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has attacked both France and India for their Islamophobic content. Pak PM amidst the rising tensions in his country is focusing on Muslims in other countries and has written to Facebook CEO. However, after attacking France, the BJP has taken a stand and is supporting France with #IamWithFrance. BJP leader Tajinder Pal Singh in his tweets has used this hashtag and has also said that India is a victim of Islamic terror.

Tajinder Pal Bagga speaks to Times Now about his tweet and says that he applauds the effort of France for openly speaking about terrorism. He also adds that India has been fighting with Islamic terrorism from 1300-1400 years, citing examples of Aurangzeb and Babur. The leader also adds that there is an urgent need for everyone to speak about the same.