India among top 5 countries requesting Google to censor content

Sydney, Apr. 26 (ANI): Google has been getting requests by governments of various countries to censor its content.

The Internet search giant released data showing that requests by governments to censor its content have hit new heights, with Brazil and the United States leading the list; followed by Germany, India and Turkey.

It received 2285 requests from governments to remove content from it properties, including YouTube and search pages, according to Google's latest Transparency Report.

In the second half of last year, Google logged notable increases in content removal requests from Brazil and Russia.

It fielded inquiries from 20 countries regarding YouTube posts of clips from the controversial Innocence of Muslims film, which sparked violent protests around the world.

Google said that while video clips from Innocence of Muslims did not violate YouTube community guidelines, it restricted views in several countries to comport with local laws and temporarily blocked it in Egypt and Libya. (ANI)