India aided rehabilitation project brings relief to earthquake victims in Nepal

It's going to be four years that Nepal residents Sanu Maya BK with her two sons and mother-in-law have been living in a hut after her house got flattened during the Nepal Earthquake in 2015. Now with assistance of Indian government which is rebuilding houses for earthquake victims in Nepal's Gorkha district under Nepal House Reconstruction Project, she is going to shift to a new home. Sanu Maya was not aware about the construction project initially. Social campaigners and mobilizers deployed by UNDP, who are working as consultants, went door to door to make underprivileged families like that of Sanu Maya become aware about the project. The Indian Government has appointed UNDP as consultant to carry out house reconstruction project in Gorkha where 26,912 houses would be built under the project. The Nepal House Reconstruction Project not only has helped in reconstruction of houses but will also comply with the standard fixed by the Nepali government that demands the houses to be earthquake resistant. Indian government had committed one billion dollars to Himalayan nation for reconstruction out of US$ 4.1 Billion in International Conference on Nepal's Reconstruction (ICNR). The grant amount of US$ 250 million was allocated to four different sectors; Housing, Education, Health and Cultural Heritage. In order to carry out the project effectively, the UNDP and UNOPS were appointed as socio technical facilitation consultants for Gorkha and Nuwakot in March, 2018.