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These incredible macro photos were captured by a phone camera

Komang photographs insects using his Samsung Galaxy J7 and homemade camera lens in Bali, Indonesia. (Photo: Komang Wirnata/Caters News)

These incredible macro photos were captured by a phone camera

These incredible snaps were captured by a pro phone camera photographer. You can see the intricate detail in each shot, from the shining eyes of the insects to the tiny water droplets that splash down on them.

The insects were captured up close by Komang Wirnata, 30, an Indonesian photographer. Komang lives in Bali and amazingly has been a photographer for only two years.

He said: “I use Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime with a DIY lens. To make a DIY lens, it takes me about one to two weeks depending on the material I get. I get the material from other cam lenses that have been damaged, either from a DSLR camera or an analog camera.

“The process of taking a picture is very easy; you just need to associate the additional lens on the camera behind our smartphone using a rubber or special clip. Then navigate to the object. When in need, you can use a little digital zoom to reduce the vignette in the photo, due to the installation of additional lenses.

“I see a splendor, a great masterpiece of the creator. I feel that we aren’t alone in this world. There are other creatures all around us that we often ignore, but have a diversity and beauty that is charming. In addition, I also feel very calm and peaceful because when taking pictures, it takes patience.”

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