Inaugurated by Modi and built at Rs 115 crore, Odisha's Bichhupali railway stations only gets 2 commuters a day

Exactly a year ago today, Odisha got a new railway station. Inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Bichhupali railway station now sees two passengers availing its services daily.

According to a Maharashtra Times article, its daily earnings are a meagre Rs. 20.

Data available on the Indian Railways website, mentions the construction of the 16 km long Bichhupalli - Balangir line, while the article puts the cost of construction of this route cost at an estimated Rs. 115 crores.

According to the data available online, only two trains halt at the station:

Train No. 58305/58306 Bolangir-Bichhupali-Bolangir Passenger 22; and

Train No. 58307/58308 Bolangir-Bichhupali-Bolangir Passenger.

These two trains, with three coaches each traverse the route.

The news report adds that the monthly maintenance cost for the station is about Rs. 3.5 lakh. This includes the salary of the Station Master and the Additional Station Master, as well as two clerical staff members.

The publication quoted a railway official to say that "After completion of the new line between Balangir and Khurda, the passenger traffic will increase."