In a First, Delhi Cop Gets an Out-of-Turn Promotion for Rescuing 76 Missing Children

Mathew Joy Maniyamkott
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Seema Dhaka, a woman head constable from northwest Delhi’s Samaypur Badli police station, has earned the honor of becoming the first police personnel to get an OTP (Out-of-Turn Promotion).

Delhi Police Commissioner S N Shrivastava had announced a scheme where constables and head constables who rescue over 50 children (below the age of 14) within a year will be eligible for such a promotion. The announcement of the promotion scheme was made on August 7 this year.

By rescuing more than 76 children (56 of them were below the age of 14) in Delhi and other states, Seema was granted promotion by Commissioner Shrivastava on Wednesday.

Dhaka, who is posted in the Outer North district managed to rescue 76 children in less than three months from Delhi, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Haryana, Punjab, and other states.

“My seniors and team members helped me get this promotion. I am a mother and never want someone to lose their child. We worked round the clock every day on missing reports to rescue children,” said Dhaka.

While working on cases like this, she even contracted COVID-19 in July and was on a three-week quarantine. She has been a part of the Delhi Police since 2006 and used to work in the outer district, Rohini and outer north. Her husband who is posted in Rohini is also a head constable.

As per Dhaka, rescuing a minor from West Bengal in October this year was one of the most challenging cases she faced. They had to travel in boats, cross two rivers during floods to track down the child. The boy’s mother who had filed a complaint two years ago had changed her address and phone number, which added to their difficulty in solving the case. “We somehow managed to rescue the child from near his relative’s place. The boy didn’t want to go home. He said he has a stepfather who beat him,” said Dhaka.

Dhaka said that she never imagined she would become an Assistant Sub-Inspector this early in her career. "I requested my seniors to allow me to trace missing children. I also assured them that the cases I am already working on won't suffer nor will their investigation get delayed,” she added.

Most of children that Dhaka rescued are the cases where kids had fled homes because of small fights with their parents, and they eventually get into drugs and alcohol. The rescued children will be given counselling to ensure they get best possible emotional and mental support going forward.

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