IMSA to expand initiatives for Green Racing program

David Malsher

The governing body stated that it will “aggressively pursue Green Racing protocols established by [the EPA and SAE International] along with its expansion of its own set of initiatives known as IMSA Green.”

The goal is to significantly “reduce the Championship’s carbon emissions and overall environmental footprint in an attainable fashion.”

This is intended to be a proving ground for manufacturers to showcase advances through IMSA’s seven sanctioned championships. IMSA’s own initiatives include tire usage reductions and the development of alternate-blend fuels. Future programs could include an entire event weekend providing the public with information on relevant, advanced technologies that produce clean and efficient production vehicles they might drive in the future.

Besides introducing a hybrid powertrain in the top racing class with DPi 2022, IMSA’s future plans could include the adoption of ETCR (fully electric TCR platform) combined with an ePrototype platform.

IMSA president Scott Atherton stated: “By taking a fresh look at the Green Racing protocols, and IMSA Green, we are taking steps to ensure sportscar racing continues to thrive in a rapidly changing mobility landscape which is focused on a reduced carbon emission future. In doing so, IMSA can showcase that racing can be used to develop and validate innovations while remaining exciting and sustainable for decades to come and be attractive to automotive partners, participants, sponsors and most importantly fans.”

IMSA believes the 2022 debut of its next generation DPi car could lead to the WeatherTech SportsCar Championship becoming the first racing series to attain Green Racing Cup status, the highest level of environmentally responsible racing through implementing innovative engine and fuel technologies.

“We are pleased to be working with IMSA to expand the series’ work on sustainability,” said Chris Grundler, director of EPA’s Office of Transportation and Air Quality. “With this agreement, IMSA is committing to a wide variety of actions that will lead to reduced air pollution, less fuel use, and will move the racing community towards more sustainable practices.”

“SAE is thrilled to continue our partnership with IMSA,” said Mark Chung, SAE International’s CMO. “We look forward to working with IMSA in increasing utilization of Green Racing Protocols and how that will translate to their many partners to advance the technology of the broader mobility industry.”

IMSA is also exploring the implementation of solar energy within the pits and paddock to help offset traditional energy sources.

“Green Racing is a great platform to educate our stakeholders and fans about what IMSA’s environmental mission is all about and how it is directly tied to the priorities of nearly all of our 19 automotive partners,” said Atherton. “There are simple, reasonable practices we can implement immediately to get this program making a difference along with more aggressive initiatives to be implemented in the future.