Imran Khan talks about 'border region of Germany and Japan': Decoding Pakistan PM's wise words

FP Special Forces

If aliens ever attack this planet, and countries unite in the face of a common enemy and decide to appoint someone as humanity's leader on earth, that person should definitely be Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan.

Why, you ask? Because Khan truly understands the importance of global unity. That's why.

The folks on Twitter were laughing at the Pakistan prime minister when, at a joint press conference in Tehran with Iranian president Hassan Rouhani, he 'accidentally' spoke about "the border region of Germany and Japan".

It sounds highly improbable that the prime minister of a country would make such a huge mistake. We, at FP Special Forces, knew the real meaning of Khan's words was deeper. And we decided to investigate. After a probe as thorough as the research which BJP's Vineet Agarwal Sharda puts in his rally speeches, we have arrived at the conclusion that the 'border' which Khan was talking about wasn't the geographical border, but the spiritual border between countries. Khan was clearly inspired from the song 'Panchi Nadiya Pawan Ke Jhonke' from Refugee and was trying to point out that the concept of geographical borders is obsolete. Japan and Germany obviously don't share geographical borders, but what about the connection between the two people of different countries? As melodramatic cinema has often taught us, no 'border' can break that tie of humanity. Perhaps that is also why Khan in December last year referred to Africa as a "country".

Because, you see, in the end, the entire world is one big country. Germany and Japan do share an emotional border: the link of humanity. And all countries, as Khan was clearly implying, are connected to each other with that 'border'.


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