Imran Khan Says 'Unfair' to Blame Pakistan For US Failure in Afghanistan, Says 'CIA-Funded Mujahideen Now Seen as Terrorists'

Team Latestly

Islamabad, September 13: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday said his country suffered massive loss of lives and incurred huge financial losses in America's fight against the Taliban in Afghanistan. Khan expressed his displeasure at Pakistan getting "blamed for Americans not succeeding in Afghanistan" and said that it was "unfair" to Pakistan. The Pakistan Prime Minister's comment comes days after US President Donald Trump called off a secret summit with the Taliban and Afghanistan's leader. Imran Khan to Address Kashmir 'Solidarity Rally' in PoK's Muzaffarabad on September 13.

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"We lost 70,000 people, we lost over a 100 billion dollars to the economy. In the end, we were blamed for the Americans not succeeding in Afghanistan. I felt it was very unfair on Pakistan," said Khan. Pakistan PM Imran Khan Warns US of Any Misadventure Against Iran.

Imran Khan also turned back the pages of history and claimed that in the 1980s, Pakistan trained the Mujahideen to do jihad against the Soviet forces. Khan also claimed that the CIA funded the Mujahideens in their fight against the Soviet Union.

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The Pakistan Prime Minister added that the same Mujahideens who waged Jihad against Soviet Union and funded by CIA were called "terrorists" when the US entered Afghanistan and said that Pakistan should have been neutral instead of joining forces with the US armies against its fight against the Taliban.

"It was a big contradiction and I strongly felt that Pakistan should have been neutral because by joining in, these groups turned against us."

"In 80s we were training these Mujahideen people to do jihad against Soviet when they occupied Afghanistan. So,these people were trained by Pakistan, funded by US's CIA and now a decade later when the Americans come into Afghanistan and now the same groups who are all in Pakistan are supposed to say that now because Americans are there it is no longer jihad its terrorism(sic)", said Khan, reported ANI.