Imran Khan gets best Driver award

Prime Minister Narendra Modi gets the cake and Imran Khan the crumbs. That was the online sentiment after PM Modi was conferred the Order of Zayed, UAE's highest civilian award.

And for a good reason. When Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman visited Pakistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan broke protocol and personally drove Mohammad Bin Salman in a Mercedes Benz to his official residence.

While Khan’s chauffeuring may have earned him a few brownie points, it did not fetch him the UAE’s highest honour.

Comparisons are inevitable and the February incident – when Imran had chauffeured Salman – found a mention in the National Assembly. A prominent MP pointed out that while PM Khan had pledged to make Pakistan a better than any other, "he has instead become a driver of the Uber and asks for five-stars for every ride".

Twitter, with its penchant for lampooning men in high places, latched onto the incident and declared with aplomb that the Pak PM had received the "best driver of UAE prince award".