Imphal holds fair to sell fish at 20% discount amid COVID pandemic

A one-day fish fair-cum-fish crop competition will be held on November 16. The Directorate of Fisheries is all set to sell fishes for Ningol Chakouba at 20 per cent discount rate compared to previous years. The discount was given as the economy of the state was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. The government had fixed the prices of eight different species of fishes. These species include Catla (Catla Catla), Rohu (Labeo Rohita), Mrigal (C. Mrigala), Common Carp (C. Carpio), Grass Carp (C. Idella), Silver Carp (H. Molitrix), Pengba/Khabak and Ngaton (L. Bata). The average price of the fishes will be Rs 300 per kg and fish production target for the fish fair is 90,000 kg. Of the total 20 per cent discount, 10 per cent is be borne by the department and remaining will be incurred by fish farmers.