Impact of Lunar Eclipse on All Zodiac Signs by Expert Astrologer Ruchee Mittal

Impact of Lunar Eclipse on All Zodiac Signs by Expert Astrologer Ruchee Mittal

Lunar Eclipse will be visible in India on July 17, 2019. It would be the second Lunar Eclipse of 2019. Lunar Eclipse will start at 01:32:00 on 17th July and ends at 04:31:00 on 17th July. This eclipse will be the longest total lunar eclipse in the 21st century.


This eclipse may result in various gains for you. You will be able to complete any project in your hand. Be passionate and hard working in your workplace to take maximum benefit.


There will be financial gains and chances of overall progress in life. Luck will favour you in completing pending works if any.


Financial loss is anticipated for this sign. There may be worries due to some unexpected events. But there might be some sort of gains as well when you are least expecting them. You might travel.


Be extra cautious while travelling as there are chances of accidents or minor injuries. You might suffer from pain in body in general. Take care of your health especially about venereal diseases.


You will be surrounded by various tensions and worries. General diseases and opponents can be the cause of distress. There are chances of financial loss so take extra care in financial dealings.


There will be financial gains and you will feel blessed for many things in life. Be calm and positive in family and social matters as there are chances of some kind of dispute in family.


There might be some kind of health problem starting up. Get your check-up done at earliest.  If any conflict emerges, met them with caution. Any kind of pain or fear may arise from someone


This eclipse can be the cause of anxiety for you and may also cause some trouble related to your children. People engaged in education and study activities will experience lack of concentration.


Things will be better than average for you. There will be benefits but expenses can also be sustained or increase a little bit. Fear from direct or indirect enemies is also suspected.


There may be problems related to a spouse. You may have to face mental distress. Keep in mind the health as well as situations of money loss can also be there. There will be a time filled with tension, anxiety and confusion in vain.


This eclipse can be disease-causing. Secret concerns can persist and some conflicts in life can also be encountered. Remote trips can cause some kind of damage and loss of health. Those who live abroad must take special care of themselves.


There may be delays in work and also costs include might expand. Take extra care and plan ahead. Relationships with friends can be affected. It would be better if you can postpone your trips atleast for a week.

REMEDY: Those who will be having tough time during this period it is advisable for them to wear or carry silver with them.