IMD launches Climate Data Service Portal with data of over 100 years

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New Delhi, Mar 23 (PTI) The India Meteorological Department (IMD) on Tuesday launched a Climate Data Service Portal with data of over 100 years which can be accessed by the public.

The Climate Data Services Portal has been developed by IMD, Pune with user-friendly platforms for climate data management and supply to the users. It complements fully automated climate data management processes from real-time data acquisition to expeditious data dissemination.

The IMD has meteorological data since 1900. The major components of the portal are real-time monitoring of weather observations recorded by IMD observatories, encapsulated IMD Metadata Portal, other reports and dashboards, online access to meteorological data through data supply portal.

It also has a free download facility for gridded temperature and rainfall data of India, climatological tables --- extremes and normal, information on monsoon rainfall and cyclone frequencies.

The IMD also released standard operation procedures for monitoring, forecasting and warning services of severe weather events.

SOPs were also released on a host of other services like satellite application in weather forecasting, radar application in weather forecasting, numerical weather prediction, public weather services, cyclone warning, heavy rainfall warning, thunderstorm warning, heat and cold wave warning, fog warning services, nowcasting, multi-hazard early warning system, urban meteorological, marine weather forecasting, meteorological communication and early warning dissemination, agrometeorological advisory, aviation meteorological, hydro meteorological, air quality monitoring, post event survey and forecast verification, training in operational meteorology.

IMD Director General M Mohapatra said these SOPs will prove to be very helpful to the operational forecasters and will serve as a valuable document for carrying out research activities. PTI PR SNE