Imarti Devi calls Kamal Nath 'Lucche', 'Lafanga' & drunkard, hits back after 'item' remark

The abusive word war between Former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh and Dalit BJP MP Imarti Devi has worsened. After Kamal Nath passed ‘item’ remark to Imarti Devi, she has responded back with the same tone. Imarti Devi called Kamal Nath as a ‘Lucche’ and ‘Lafange’, she even accused him of being a drunkard.

During a public gathering, Imarti Devi stated, ‘If a former chief minister can use such a language, I can also say things. To use such a language, Kamal Nath is a luchha, lafanga. He is behaving like drunkards’. Earlier, Imarti Devi had claimed that she will make Kamal Nath apologise to her.