Images of a cancelled Samsung prototype phone with dual displays leak online

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Images of what appears to be one of Samsung’s early attempts at building a phone with a folding display have appeared on Twitter

Rumours of a Samsung Galaxy X have been swirling around since last year. The phone, said to feature a flexible OLED display and an astronomical price tag, is expected to arrive towards the end of the year.

In the meantime, images of what appears to be one of Samsung's early attempts at building a phone with a folding display (not to be confused with a flip phone) have appeared on Twitter. According to the Twitter user who leaked the images, the phone was called Samsung Project V with the model number SM-G929F. The project was cancelled.

From the front, when opened, it looks like there are two phones held side-by-side. It's not immediately apparent from the images, but it looks like the secondary display folds around to the back. This side has no sensors or home button.

The primarily display appears to be fixed in place, as on a regular phone.

When the secondary display is unfolded, the two displays sit side-by-side.

As far as we can make out from the images, the wallpaper appears to be stretching across displays, but we're not sure if content, like videos, would do the same. There also appears to be no mechanism to correct the image for bezels.

We can't fathom what Samsung was thinking when they made this phone, which, incidentally, could explain why Samsung cancelled the project.

We're guessing that Samsung's Galaxy X will feature a far more elegant design, and also hoping that they'll have an OS that works with it.

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