IMA doctors on relay fasting express anguish against concept of 'mixopathy'

The notification by Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM) has received backlash from the medical fraternity. The notification allows Ayurveda practitioners to perform up to 58 medical surgeries. It has prompted doctors from the Indian Medical Association (IMA) to go on a relay hunger strike. While addressing a joint press conference in the national capital on February 14, the president of Indian Medical Association (IMA), Dr JA Jayalal said, "In last 14 days, 3.5 lakh doctors across the nation is on relay-fasting expressing our concern, pain and anguish against the concept of mixing the systems and bringing 'one nation, one system, one treatment' concept". The IMA has taken the case to the court and vehemently opposed 'mixopathy'. They state that practitioner from one field performing other field's surgeries can be termed as quackery.