I'm going to be an asset to my father: Arjun Kapoor

Shalvi Mangaokar

Mumbai, April 2 -- To many, Arjun Kapoor comes across as arrogant, but he has a fair bit to say once he opens up. Currently working on several films simultaneously, the actor admits that with his newfound recognition, people don't see him just as producer Boney Kapoor's son. What's keeping you busy?

Life is hectic. It's almost like a dream. I'm getting to live through many characters, meet various kinds of people, work on different projects and travel all over the world.

You've worked with Parineeti Chopra in your debut. Now you're working with her cousin, Priyanka. How's that been?

On the sets of Ishaqzaade (2012), everyone was new. Once I got to know Parineeti, it was a blast. As for Priyanka, I've known her for a while, so there was no barrier to break.

In Aurangzeb, you're working with a lot of senior actors.

I'm happy that I'm getting to work with all kinds of actors. Ishaqzaade was full of newcomers, but in Aurangzeb, everyone is 10 times more experienced than me. So there was a lot to learn from everyone. I've known Chintu uncle (Rishi Kapoor) all my life. He's a cop in the movie and I had to be rude to him. That was different. I've grown up in Jackie (Shroff, actor) uncle's lap, so that was a change too.

Your 2 States co-star, Alia Bhatt, is a lot younger than you. How is it shooting with her?

I've had a blast because it's a young crew and a young film. Alia is one of the most unassuming actors. She's more focused on her part and is willing to give a shot over and over again till it looks perfect. She's not bothered about how she's looking and is positive about everything. All her energy and effort is going into making a good film, which is amazing.

You're also teaming up with your father. Tell us about it.

I don't want to say anything at this point as he's making a film after long and it's his right to talk about it when he's put everything into place. I'm going to be an asset to him instead of being an industry kid he has to launch. Hopefully, once these films release and make the business they do, I'll be happy to be by his side as an actor who is a saleable commodity. The movie is a remake of Okkudu, a 10-year-old film that Mahesh Babu did. I'm quite excited about it.

Published by HT Syndication with permission from Hindustan Times.