Ill-effects of drugs on youth, security with danger of narco terror a cause of concern for India: Amit Shah

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Gandhinagar, Jul 12 (PTI) Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Monday said ill-effects of narcotics on youngsters, security and the economy coupled with the danger of 'narco-terrorism' are a cause of concern for India even as he asserted that forensic science will play a vital role in dealing with these challenges.

Shah inaugurated the Centre of Excellence for Research and Analysis of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances at the National Forensic Science University (NFSU) here.

Speaking at the occasion, Shah expressed confidence that the new facility, which he said is among the best in the world, will help the country deal with the challenges of the 21st century.

“The ill-effects of narcotics on our youth, society, our security and the economy are a matter of concern for the entire country,” Shah said, adding several steps have been taken over the past two years to stop the landing of narcotics on the Indian soil or letting them pass through the country.

“India faces one more danger in the form of narco-terror. The money earned through this is used in terrorism, and this also needs to be stopped. Our coming generation is being destroyed,” he said.

The Gandhinagar MP said the country has made several changes in the system to deal with narcotics, right from coordination, hierarchy and law, and more changes are in the offing.

“I am happy to say that the last one-and-a-half years have been the golden time for India in terms of seizure of narcotics. But as long as they are not scientifically analysed and stopped using a different strategy, such physical campaigns do not deliver us success,” he said.

Shah said forensic science plays a vital role in reorganising the country's criminal justice system as per the challenges of the 21st century.

“We have to take up the challenges and successfully establish our place in the world. For this, we will have to reorganise our criminal justice system. And I believe forensic science is a vital part of this,” he said.

'The field of forensic science leaves no scope for casual approach or laziness if we have to meet or even stay two steps ahead of the challenges that our country of 130 crore population face wherein people follow different religions, speak different languages and cultures. What with the challenging border security (read situation) unlike any other country and the changing face of crime because of neighbouring countries (sic),' Shah added. The Union home minister further said the Forensic Science University can serve the country in a big way to achieve this goal at a faster pace.

“We have to create an environment to minimise crime. FSL plays a big role in modernising police and making investigation scientific, and get the criminals punished based on the same scientific evidence,” Shah said.

He said the time of using 'third degree' (torture) on suspects is gone.

“Even the toughest person can be broken and brought to book based on scientific evidence if FSL has worked properly,” he said.

Shah said the NFSU, earlier called the Gujarat Forensic Sciences University, will soon become the world's best university of its kind and attract students from all over. He said seven states have already expressed their interest in setting up colleges under this university.

He said at least one forensic science van should be stationed in each district of the country as an extension of the forensic science laboratory. However, to achieve this goal, trained manpower is needed which can only be made possible when the NFSU opens colleges in each state and creates experts in different fields, Shah added.

The university, he said, will benefit from the new education policy that puts focus on imparting education in different subjects like forensic science.

According to Shah, cyber defence and ballistics research centres set up at the university are unique in Asia.

“I can see India becoming self-reliant in both these spheres. To make them excel in the world, we need nobody else. We are going to be self-reliant in both these fields,” he added.

Shah said India's fight against cybercrime is vital as it is an emerging economy.

“To ensure every aspect of India's safety, cybersecurity is very important. Also, for the economy to develop and grow properly, and if Narendra Modi's (dream of) 5 trillion dollar economy is to be realised, then cybersecurity will have to play a vital role,” he added. PTI KA PD NSK NSK

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