IIT Guwahati Student Commits Suicide at Campus Hostel! Leaves Note Saying She Wanted to Become a Teacher & Not Engineer

Madhurima Sarkar
The woman was very upset with the entire incident, and at around 6 am, her body was found hanging in the room by her sister-in-law.

Tragic incidents or suicide spree continues to stay in the premises of the premier institute—Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). In yet another event, a first-year student from Karnataka, pursuing a BTech course in Mechanical Engineering at IIT Guwahati, allegedly committed suicide. Media reports reveal that the young girl hung herself for a ceiling fan in her campus hostel room on September 12. The deceased student left a suicide note which exposes her will to become a teacher and not an engineer. IIT Bombay Student Found Dead in Mumbai Hotel; Police Suspects Suicide. 

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Identified as Nagashree Aithal, the 18-year-old is from Hosanagara near Shivamogga, Karnataka. The police officials told The Hindu that she said her roommate that she was not feeling well and would skip the class. When her roommate returned from the class, she found the door locked from the inside. She quickly informed the security guards, who informed the Amingaon Police. In her suicide note, Nagashree wrote, “it was better to die than fail to live up to the expectation of her parents and family members,” Rana Bhuyan, in-charge of Amingaon police told the reporters. Scolded for Watching Porn, Student of Sainik School Commits Suicide in Karnataka. 

However, the investigation is still on and that Nagashree’s body has been sent for post-mortem. The incident happened on the IIT-G after a 25-year-old, Kishor Barua contractual employee of the institute was found hanging himself in his living room. Last year, a post-graduate student similarly took his life. IIT Delhi Student Commits Suicide, Dies in Second Attempt: Death Note Hints Sexual Abuse During Childhood. 

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Stress and considerable pressure from the parents led to such sad instances. Parental pressure for children to excel in their studies has been traditionally high. No matter how much experts strive to prevent such issue by highlighting some related cases, there is still no pause of students committing suicide. Our country has one of the highest suicide rates among teenagers and young adults. Failure in examinations or too much of expectations or striving to fulfil parents’ dream in a specific field are the top reasons.