IIT Delhi startup develops e-scooter ‘HOPE’ with 20 paise per km running cost

Geliose Mobility, incubated at IIT-Delhi, launched an E-scooter 'HOPE’. The E-scooter reduces the travel cost to just 20 paise per kilometer. It is a cost-effective alternative for local commuting & product delivery. "It is an affordable internet-connected scooter which we have launched in the market. It is budget-friendly which means that unlike petrol scooter which costs Rs 2.5 per km, this one costs 20 paise per km," said founder Aditya Tiwari. "We are giving two options to customers. Once charged it will give a range of 75 kilometres. In another option the vehicle will give a range of 50 kilometres," he said. The starting price of the e-scooter is Rs 46,999, informed Aditya Tiwari. It has a portable battery & charger and can be charged from a normal socket. Watch the full video for more.