‘An IIM Professor Was Born Here’: How a Kerala Man Turned Inspiration Overnight With Facebook Post

Chandrakanth Viswanath
·2-min read

Thiruvananthapuram: An IIM professor was born here,” Ranjith Ramachandran captioned the picture of his house posted on Facebook, that extends into a pretty long post. The house, in Kerala, is making quite a buzz on social media.

A dilapidated, old-tiled hut spots a huge tarpaulin sheet stretched from end to end, to save the people living inside it from the fury of rain. This is where Ranjith Ramachandran, a freshly recruited assistant professor at IIM-Ranchi, lives.

The 28-year-old is inspiration to those harbouring bigger dreams from unfavourable circumstances.

Ranjith was assistant professor at Christ College, Bengaluru for two months when the new opportunity came calling. The Facebook image that has gone viral is home to five, his dad, mom and two younger siblings apart from him. The dad is a tailor and mother a daily-wage worker, who moved from pillar to post to fund their studies. They are from Panathur in Kasargod district in northern tip of Kerala.

There was a point when Ranjith gave serious thought to quitting his studies to support the family. Instead of giving up, he picked a temporary job at the nearest BSNL telephone exchange as night watchman. He was paid Rs 4,000 every month. Ranjith joined the BA Economics course in Pious tenth College in Rajapuram. He spent nights on end at the telephone exchange, to ensure there is no power outage. Ranjith kept at it for five years until finishing his post-graduation from Central University of Kerala in Kasargod.

A meritorious student that he is, Ranjith, who belongs to the Marathi-speaking community with reservation under Scheduled Tribe, never took the vantage point for his academics.

He went on to pursue PhD from IIT-Madras, where he described himself as someone who barely knew how to speak English. “At IIT, I could not speak English. I even contemplated quitting PhD. My guide, professor Subhash, reminded me of how unwise it would be to leave. I started nurturing the dream of becoming a teacher at IIM, ” he says.

His inspiring Facebook post is being shared widely. However, since the story went viral, Santhosh Kumar, a social worker, pointed a finger at the government that turned a blind eye on his appointment amid nepotism row. In a Facebook post, he questioned why Ranjith was not appointed in Calicut University while people who are less qualified made it. Ranjith had qualified in the fourth spot for the teaching post in Calicut University.

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