IED-like device found outside school in Navi Mumbai

Gargi Verma
A sniffer dog and police personnel outside a school in Kalamboli on Monday evening, where an IED-like device was found stuck inside a three-inch thick concrete block. (Express photo by Narendra Vaskar)

An IED-like device was found outside a school premises in Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai on Monday evening. The device, stuck inside a 3-inch thick cement block, was being investigated by the Navi Mumbai police at a secluded space late Monday evening.

According to Navi Mumbai Police Commissioner Sanjay Kumar, the device had a timer, batteries and wires popping out of the cement block. We are not yet sure what is inside, we are trying to get into the block as of now. It has been disconnected from the timer. If we can t get inside the block, we will try to safely destroy it, Kumar said.

The device was found near the New Sudhagad School in Kalamboli on Monday evening, police said. A passerby spotted the wires and informed the school staff who in turn informed us, said an officer from Kalamboli police. Once we found out that it could be an IED, we called in the bomb disposal squad. They isolated the device and have been trying to find out what is inside the block, the officer added.

As of now, we have no idea who left the device near the school. Since it was outside the school premises, there was no CCTV footage as well. Once we find out what kind of an explosive, if any, is inside the block, we will be able to understand who could be behind this, the officer explained.

The investigation is going on and we are on alert. As of now, there are no suspects, Kumar said.

A low-intensity IED like device was found earlier this year in a state transport bus in Raigad. While the bomb was defused before it could go off, police haven t zeroed-in on any suspects.