Ideal for asura idol

Arjun Rampal

We have already seen Arjun in Ra.One as the villain pitted against Shah Rukh Khan, the hero. There's no doubt that he is one of the good-looking actors in tinsel town but he can also look evil. Every hero craves to have a persona and style like him. The role of Mahishasura would be very appropriate for Arjun because he would breathe life into the idol.

Bhavya Verma

Class XI science

International School, CBSE wing

Salman Khan

The Wanted man has a great personality. He has played the role of a warrior in Veer. He also has a physique to die for. I think he would be able to pull off the role of Mahishasura with �lan. Not to forget, he has been the most successful actor this year. Someone please make a film on this subject. Any director listening?

Anmol Basant

Class XII science

St Michael's High School

Naseeruddin Shah

Thinking of Durga Puja reminds me of Mahishasura being crushed under the feet of Goddess Durga. What if a Bollywood actor were to take the place of the Asura? My first choice would be Naseeruddin Shah. Many would find it peculiar because the actor is hardly associated with the brawny giant with rippling muscles. But the versatile actor would pull off such a role with ease. It would also add zing to the role.

Ashish Krishna Class XII science

Loyola High School

John Travolta

I would go for the Broken Arrow man for his physique and histrionics. He has played the villain numerous times in his career. He puts his soul into any character he plays. One of his best features is his wicked smile. I liked him particularly in Face Off, where he played the baddie. He would make a good Asura battling Maa Durga. I think having a Hollywood villain to battle it out with Durga would be great.

Ankit Anand Class XII science


Sanjay Dutt

Mahishasura ' the name brings to mind the image of that horrendous devil under Maa Durga's feet. Who better can portray it than Kancha Cheena of Agneepath. The role was one of the best portrayals of villainous characters in Bollywood in recent years. A superb physique, bulging biceps and the ability to give soul to any character, strengthen his chances of playing the sinister devil. There can't be a figure more natural than Sanju for the role. Since we have already seen the Yamraj part of him in Vaah! Life Ho Toh Aisi!, Mahishasura would make an interesting watch. How many hands up for that, huh?

Ayush Agrawal

Class XII science

Loyola High School

Abhishek Bachchan

I think Junior B would fit the role very well. He is a versatile actor and can pull off a negative role. Recently, he essayed the role of a bandit in Raavan. Whenever we think of Mahishasura, a fierce face comes to our mind. Abhishek, with a hairstyle like Amrish Puri (Mogambo), would suit the role well.

Ayush Anurag

Class XI science

Scholar's Abode

Prakash Raj

Perfectly suited to play the mythical villain, he would be able to breathe life into the character. I like his onscreen persona and attitude. His voice would also provide the much-needed edge to the character. I liked him in Singham.


Class XII commerce

Holy Mission Girls' School