Iconic Nokia phones through the years

Growing up in the late 90s was special for a specific reason — the arrival of the mobile phone and wireless cell phone technology. Today, there are plenty of mobile phone brands to choose from. But, back then it was the Nokia phone stole the hearts of the consumer.

Anyone who owned a Nokia phone will reminisce the good-old days when the ringtones were monotones and the game people played was called ‘Snake’. Some even claimed the phone handset was indestructible, and why wouldn’t they? It was so strong that it would neither break nor crack, even after multiple falls.

Today, we celebrate the Nokia. Here are some of the most iconic Nokia handsets ever used.

(Image credits – Getty Images)

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Year 1997: Nokia 6110 (left)
Courtesy: Wiki Commons – Mustaraamattu
Year 1999 – Nokia 9110 Communicator
Photo – Getty
Year 2000: Nokia 6250
Photo – Getty
Year 2003: Nokia 6650 Photo – Getty
Year 2004: Nokia 7610
Year 2005: Nokia N70
Photo – Getty
Year 2007: Nokia E61i
Photo – Getty
Year 2008: Nokia N82
Year 2009: Nokia E75
Year 2010: Nokia N8
Year 2011: Nokia Lumia 800
Year 2012: Nokia Lumia 620
Year 2013: Nokia Asha 501
Year 2015: Nokia 230
Year 2016: Nokia 6
Year 2017: Nokia 3310
Year 2017: Nokia 150