ICICI Lombard's ILTakeCare App Provides Customers with a Cashless and Paperless Healthcare Solution

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The world, as we know it, has changed completely. When we have a toothache or a raging fever, getting to a doctor in time is not guaranteed. This can make it a massive challenge for people of all ages who are already dealing with increased levels of lockdown fatigue and stress about their health. Yet, the show must go on. But who should you trust, when everyone seems to be jumping on the 'we'll save you' bandwagon. Easy! You believe the ones that have always had your back. ICICI Lombard holds to its 'Nibhaye Vaade' motto and brings us a user-friendly ILTakeCare app.

A unique solution by one of the most prominent general insurance providers in the country, the app allows existing customers to get a teleconsultation with a healthcare professional at any time (24x7) during this lockdown. Via the ILHelloDoctor feature, every customer has the opportunity to make two calls to a qualified MBBS doctor and discuss any health issues. As one of the biggest and most reliable insurance brands, this is an incredible undertaking that shows how seriously they take customer welfare.

Closed clinics and no access to our doctors can make us feel helpless. But, giving us back control over our health, the ILHelloDoctor feature allows us to have a teleconsultation with a qualified doctor, despite lockdowns and its travel restrictions. By providing sufficient information on symptoms and how we feel the doctor can then make a diagnosis and give you a digital prescription if required.

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The extra mile

While all can use these features, the ILTakeCare app also ensures that ICICI Lombard policyholders have a one-stop solution for their health, motor, travel insurance, and wellness needs. There are helpful tools to guide you with everything from counting steps and sleep tracking to online chat facilities with nutritionists and fitness experts and diet and exercise tools. You can even get a second opinion on health-related queries, notifications that keep you posted on your claim, and more from one handy place.

Overall, here are a few key features that stand out about this app.

  • Connect quickly and easily with doctors via the ILHelloDoctor feature for as well as diagnostics facilities and pharmacies in your area.
  • Book an appointment to consult with a licensed doctor and get unlimited access via phones
  • Purchase discounted medicines in-store or have them delivered to you.
  • Get your tests done at the nearest network diagnostics center.
  • Schedule your health check-up
  • Get cashless approval with ICICI Lombard's Health Insurance
  • Track all your policy benefits, eligibility and transactions from one place
  • Share your experiences by reviewing and rating healthcare providers on the services you receive.
  • Get competent support and care for all your queries either online or by calling the 24-hour call centre.
  • The reviews are all positive and humbling as people who use it marvel at how much they can still get done even if they are stuck indoors. Without a doubt, this is one cool app for all your insurance, health, and wellness needs.

    Available both on Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, all you have to do is download and install it. Think you have a friend or family member; share it with them too, so together we can all #RestartRight.

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