ICAI studies cost-benefit analysis of demonetisation

Indo Asian News Service

Kolkata, Nov 18 (IANS) The Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICAI) has commissioned a cost- benefit analysis of the central government's demonetisation drive, a top official said on Friday.

Supporting the demonetisation, the institute said it would definitely be able to tackle all three malaises -- a parallel economy, counterfeit currency and terror financing -- plaguing the economy.

"We have formed an group comprising of 7-8 experts to study the impact of demonetisation on the economy. It is a cost- benefit analysis. We will submit the report to the government," ICAI President Manas Kumar Thakur here.

"A majority of undisclosed income is expected to be disclosed by the move," he said.

The study will estimate the cost incurred by the various sectors of the economy due to this demonetisation move and will also examine the benefits that the sectors are getting from such drive, he said.

"This bold move is causing some temporary inconvenience among the common mass but this short lived inconvenience is a price that is worth paying for the long-term benefit of addressing the menace," Thakur said.

He pointed out that only around two per cent of the people in a community used to get the benefits from parallel economy which causes higher money circulation and pushes up the inflation.

Giving cost figures of printing notes, he advocated for a digital payments based economy and supported the printing of high denomination notes.

"Cost for printing a Rs 2,000 note is 20 paisa, for a Rs 1000 note, the cost is 32 paisa while for a Rs 100 note, the cost is Rs 1.82. It is worth printing a high denomination note from cost analysis," he said.

The cost for printing a Rs 50 note is Rs 3.60 while the for a Rs 10 note, the cost is Rs 9.60, he added.