Ibn Lootah Oud – An Utopia for Oud

Alena Rinwi
·2-min read

Agarwood Oil or Oud Mixtures is an extremely rare commodity that originates in North Eastern India, Bhutan and parts of SouthEast Asia. The oil is itself very precious and even has great medicinal properties and is considered very beneficial for skin and body. Provided that the oil is natural and undiluted. UAE’s Essa Lootah, who is the owner of Ibn Lootah Oud has been the pioneer in providing the most natural, undiluted and pure Agarwood oil in UAE and other Middle East countries. Essa believes that one should never be disrespectful towards his/her profession. He considers that cheating customers is the biggest sin one can commit in this business. He says that many taking advantage of the market sell duplicate and diluted Agarwood Oil that instead of being beneficial harms the individuals and they even charge hefty money for it. He says that he has one goal that whatever he provides to his customers should be best and pure at a reasonable price. Lootah says that his Family is well known all over UAE and is producing high quality Bukhoor since ages. Bukhoor is the mixture of Oud and other essential minerals. He further says that his quality is the best because he imports materials from all over the world such as India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, and many more. All these countries are the originators of Agarwood therefore the material I import is always pure and undiluted and consumers get the best quality, he says.

The brand Ibn Lootah Oud has now become a household name in the whole UAE , and is becoming popular in other countries too, he tells. He further exclaims that he is proud of what he has achieved and one should never stop hard working. The brand on Instagram in just 2 years has gained over 28k followers all organically, which further stamps it’s popularity. The day is not far when Ibn Lootah Oud becomes a Global Brand and reaches your home as well.

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