#IamRabiPirzada: Political activist Fauzia Iliyas posts nude pics in support of Pakistani pop singer

Political activist and Islam critic Fauzia Iliyas riled up some fundamentalists after she stood in solidarity with Pakistani pop singer Rabi Pirzada whose nude videos had gone viral in Pakistan.

Pirzada had been in the news for mocking PM Modi in various ways, most recently with a suicide vest and before that with snakes and a crocodile. Now Pirzada’s pics had gone viral in Pakistan after she had an argument with Pak Army spokesperson Asif Ghafoor.

While many Twitter users came out in support, Fauzia Iliyas who had to escape Pakistan for the Netherlands to avoid the fate of atheists in the conservative Islamic country shared her own nude pictures with the placard: #IamRabiPirzada. While her tweet riled up some users, others came to defend Fauzia Iliyas calling her brave.

Explaining her stance, Iliyas wrote on Facebook: ““Thank you everyone for your support. Nude pictures of Rabi Pir Zada were leaked by another person, however, Pakistani people were cursing her instead of demanding an investigation against the person who leaked those photos and videos.Just wondering after reading many women that why she took such photos. There are several cases where men harassed woman by sending their nudes in women inbox. Then they don’t feel shame but if a woman come up with those ideas then their so called values hurt. She added: “It’s a hypocrisy and it should be ended now. We’re no one to tell others how to lead your life. We’re no one to tell woman how should she take her photosEven though Rabi PirZada have clarified several times that she made those photos for her husband. Being a sensible perosn we should leave that matter but everyone was demanding her nudes, her videos.”She went on to write: “This is a level of hypocrisy that people were watching those nudes and meanwhile abusing her. It should be stopped now. Its strange that people are not offended when children get raped by Mullahs in mosques, they are not offended when a girl is raped, but they’re offended when a woman comes up with her own choices. Its my choice to support her in this way. If people don’t get offended by nudity while watching the porn then they shouldn’t even get offended to see a naked woman supporting a cause.#IAmRabiPirzada””

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