Hyundai to end sales of KONA EVs in South Korea

Dwaipayan Roy
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Hyundai to end sales of KONA EVs in South Korea
Hyundai to end sales of KONA EVs in South Korea

18 Dec 2020: Hyundai to end sales of KONA EVs in South Korea

South Korean automaker Hyundai will stop selling the KONA EV in its home country following a series of fires and faulty brake systems that prompted the company to recall the electric car in huge numbers.

The four-wheeler will, however, continue to retail in Europe where it ranks among the best-selling EVs. Notably, international markets contribute to over 75% of the model's total sales.

Fact: Hyundai is working on a new Ioniq 5 mid-sized crossover

Hyundai declined to confirm media reports about shutting down the domestic sales of its KONA EV. In a statement to Reuters, the automaker said that it is "reviewing various options" as it prepares to launch the Ioniq 5 - a new mid-sized, all-electric crossover.

Details: A timeline of the KONA EV's recall

In October, Hyundai recalled several thousands of KONA EVs in Korea as they ran the risk of a short circuit caused by defective high-voltage battery cells.

The recall, which included battery replacements post inspections and software updates, involved 25,564 units manufactured between September 2017-March 2020.

The company also recalled 50,864 KONA EVs and Nexo fuel cell cars due to a faulty electronic braking system.

Fact: Hyundai has also recalled KONA in India over battery issue

Earlier this month, Hyundai had issued a recall for 456 units of its KONA EV sold in India between April 1, 2019 and October 31, 2020. As per the company, it is a voluntary recall to inspect potential electrical deficiencies in the car's battery system.

At a glance: Meanwhile, take a look at KONA EV's specifications and features

The Hyundai KONA EV has a closed front grille that conceals the charging point, a wide air dam, sleek LED headlamps, and designer alloy wheels.

Inside, the 5-seater cabin offers an electric sunroof, an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment panel, and multiple airbags.

The car houses a 100kW electric motor and a 39.2kWh battery pack. The powertrain generates 134hp/395Nm and offers a range of 452km.