Hygge, a Danish concept, is an ideal lesson to happiness

Meera Venugopal
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Hygge, a Danish concept, is an ideal lesson to happiness
Hygge, a Danish concept, is an ideal lesson to happiness

07 Feb 2021: Hygge, a Danish concept, is an ideal lesson to happiness

Hygge is a feeling that is hard to describe in a single word but loosely translated, it means taking care of oneself both spiritually and mentally by doing what makes one happy.

It can be experienced in a fleeting moment with your loved ones, when you tick something off your bucket list, or even when you snuggle in bed on a winter morning.

Atmosphere: It is all about creating the atmosphere and experience

According to Danes, winter is the most hygge time of year.

This means the concept of winter blues is positively turned around by the Danes into something positive and cozy.

Bonfires, snuggly cashmere socks, and a comfortable blanket are the Danes' way of making winters an enjoyable and cozy experience.

In short, hygge is all about enjoying an experience by living in the moment.

Feeling: Hygge can be an intimate feeling or a social one

The beauty of hygge is that it can be different for each person and there are no rules pertaining to how one should experience it.

For the social butterflies, going out with friends or hosting a party can lead to their hygge moment.

For the more introverted ones, hygge can just be your "Netflix and chill" nights with a big tub of popcorn.

Mindfulness: Mindfulness, hygge go together; live the moment slowly and cheerfully

Mindfulness and hygge go hand-in-hand and it is all about slowly and cheerfully living in the moment.

A warm feeling of coziness embraces you when you are in a hygge.

Taking the time to light a few scented candles and enjoying its fragrance, having a relaxing bath, or immersing in a book that makes us happy are all mindful, hygge practices.

Decor: A decor specific to it will help transform your space

Hygge is about enjoying a certain experience and living in a positive and stress-free environment.

Set the theme of your home to neutral and add items that make you happy and declutter things that add no value.

The most important aspect of hygge is, however, a warm and snug environment.

Adding fairy lights and candles will also give a pleasant touch to your home.